About Us


Welcome to Boutique Soapz. My name is Ilona and I am the founder here at Boutique Soapz. I’m also a proud mum to 4 adults, mother-in-law to 3, and honoured grandma to 4 gorgeous grandchildren. Oh, and I must also mention my husband.

After owning my own fashion boutique for over 7 years, it was time for a change and a change did come, in the form of making bath & body care products.

One of my favourite Soap making is so exciting and creative. It's always exciting to see how a particular creation will eventually turn out. 

During my course of soap making, I have learnt many things but one of them is the benefits of a handmade soap. I use my soap on myself and I only wish I had been making soap sooner. My skin feels more moisturized after a shower and I rarely need to moisturize.

 I hope you enjoy the soaps and see just how great they are for your skin.