About Us


Welcome to Boutique Soapz. My name is Ilona and I am the founder here at Boutique Soapz. I’m also a proud mum to 4 adults, mother-in-law to 3, and honoured grandma to 4 gorgeous grandchildren. Oh, and I must also mention my husband.

After owning my own fashion boutique for over 7 years, it was time for a change and a change did come, in the form of making bath & body care products.

One of my favourite products to create is soap, though I equally enjoy manufacturing skin care products such as our nourishing Facial Lotions & Creams, Body Butter, Lip Balm/Salve and Luxury Facial Serums. 

Along my journey of soap making, I have learnt how moisturizing a handmade soap is on your skin. This was so against what I knew from when I used commercial soaps. There was no way I could use a commercial soap on my hair, though now I use only my handmade soaps as a shampoo and have never looked back. I only wish I had been making soap sooner. After my shower, I never feel dry or tight. Using a handmade soap is always so very different.

Now that I have moved into making Facial Creams and Lotions, I do hope you give them a try. They are made using natural oils of Olive, Evening Primrose, Jojoba & Rosehip. All great oils for your skin. 

 I hope you enjoy the products and love how great they are for your skin.