Why Buy a Handmade Soap Bar?


Confusing as it may seem, a handmade soap bar is worth more than a commercial bar, so why should you buy it?
I'm probably biased, as I am a soap maker, but it wasn't always the case. I used to buy anything that was on special. The Dove for my face (the exfoliating one), Velvet soap for everything else. 
I had yet to discover the benefits of handmade soaps. 
Move onto now, and I use nothing but handmade soaps and you'll probably say "Yes, that's because you make them now!" 
This might be true but it wasn’t until I actually used them myself that I realised how good they really are.
Before I began making soap, I researched soap making quite intensively by watching videos, reading and buying soap making books. This eventually led me to complete two classes on soap making. 
Now, three years later, I’m not regretting my decision to make soap, and other bath and body products.
So where to now?
Why should you buy a handmade soap over a commercial one?
We are spoilt for choice when buying soap. Supermarkets are full of all the different kinds, even bundles of four or more are packaged up to entice us to buy.
Soap is merely soap isn’t it? 
Research has made me more aware that “no, soap isn’t just soap!” There is more to it, and a lot more.
Here is an article which will explain it a whole lot better than me. 
We always watch what we eat, what about what we put on our skins?

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