We need to talk about oils. They are amazing!


We need to talk about oils because they are simply amazing and not just for cooking.

As the saying goes "oils ain't oils" and I'm not referring to car oils here, but oils used for skincare. There are so many different oils, each containing something unique and nourishing to benefit our skin. 

I don't know about you but I'm confused when the media presents us with a new miracle ingredient included in a skincare product. It's usually something I have never heard of and specifically something I cannot pronounce. Now I'm not disputing that they don't do what they say it does, but I do wonder where it all stems from. But this blog isn't about this. 

This blog is here to bring you some input into the benefits of certain oils and how they can do just as good of a job caring for our skin. 

My name is Ilona and I have been delving into skincare for the last few years. I began with the making of handmade soaps, bath bombs etc and am now soaking in as much information as I can about the benefits of different oils, botanicals, herbs etc for use in skincare products. It is simply fascinating when reading about a particular oil and learning what benefits, vitamins etc they bring to our skin.

We all know about olive oil and how good it is for use in cooking but it is also great for our skin. Olive oil is actually referred to as "liquid gold" by the Greek poet Homer. It can be used in soap making, in serums and in creams. It brings many great properties to our skin. My husband actually uses pure olive oil on his skin as a moisturizer. Many a times I have laughed at him, but now have learnt it is has so many moisturizing benefits, (though I don't advocate you to now just pour olive oil onto your face)  A great article to read is this one here. It will go further into the use of olive oil on the skin. Olive oil is also great to use when taking off make up. 

The other oils I am particularly interested in our some of the more unusual ones such as Cucumber Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, just to name a few. These all are amazing in their own right.

Now, not just are the oils themselves fascinating, but also when you infuse a particular botanical into that oil the magic begins to happen. It takes the oil onto another level. For example, I am in awe of dandelions. Every part of the plant has its' own goodness but I use the flowers in an infusion with a carrier oil such as olive or almond oil. Dandelions are know to contain Cichoric Acid. This acid has the ability to protect our hyaluronic acid from breaking down. How fascinating is that? Needless to say I will be using some of this infused olive oil in my next day cream moisturizer (if you want to try some just email me and we can arrange it)

I can go on and on about the benefits of the different oils but I am keeping this blog shortish. What I do wish to stress to you in this blog is  to actually take the time and read the ingredients on the back of the moisturizer, lotion etc. when you next go out to buy one. Actually read what you are going to put onto your skin. Just like food, we want to eat the best, so to do we want to put the best ingredients onto our skin. When it comes to food, we are very particular and search for the best organic, natural, no pesticides used produce but when it comes to our skincare  we may not pay as much attention. We don't always read the ingredients of a product. We go by the smell and what the ads have told us it will do. Don't let this happen to you. Actually read the ingredients of the product before you buy  and if there is an ingredient you cannot pronounce, leave it on the shelf. Unless the sales person can explain it all to you, leave it and find something else. Your skin will love you for it.



Till the next blog, thanks for reading and please leave a comment or question. I would love to hear your thoughts.